Network Infrastructure

We know that your local area network is the heartbeat of your business. This is why we only offer the best and most reliable hardware, cable and software solutions to our clients.

Server Rooms

No matter how big or small we do it all. We know that your server room is  the heart of your organization. This is why we ensure that all cable terminations & hardware are neatly installed and positioned for easy accessibility at all times.

Managed Services

We manage our clients networks on their behalf to ensure that the health of the network is maintained at all times

Cyber Security

Today, more than ever, business and individuals are at huge risk if they transact digitally. Fraudsters can easily penetrate your network and cause severe damages to you and your organization.

How can we help you?

Network infrastructure

With more than 15 years of networking experience, we offer our clients the best in robust hardlined and or wireless network solutions. We specialise in CAT5, CAT6 and optic Fibre termination and also offer 2.4 -6 GHz radio and or wireless options.  


Server Rooms

From design to install, we do it all.

No matter how complex or simple the requirements, we ensure that our clients server rooms are correctly designed, built and specified for optimal  performance. We also offer maintenance packages which include monthly diagnostic checks and desktop support.  

server rooms.jpg

Managed Services

Is your local area network and or internet getting abused? We offer monthly maintenance packages and remote desktop support services so that out clients can continue doing what they do best, making money, whilst we look after their network needs. 

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Cyber Security

Your data and privacy is at risk. Businesses and individuals are losing billions of dollars every year due to fraud. Fraudsters intercept emails, penetrate accounts departments, steel identities and much worse...We offer our clients proactive security solutions and advise to counter these attacks. 

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