Smart Lighting

Lighting control have never been this easy. Control your lights from anywhere in the world - set scenes, change colours and measure consumption...

Blind-and curtain rail automation

Control your curtains and blinds from any mobile device and or remote control. You can also set your blinds to automatically adjust to lighting conditions.

Appliance automation

Automate anything your heart desires. Air conditioning, coffee machines, stoves and many more.

Intrusion Detection

Now you have your security in the palms of your hands. With live incident reporting and snapshots, remote activation & deactivation from any mobile telephone.

How can we help you?


Blind - and Curtain Automation

We offer our clients a variety of blind and curtain options. From venetian, blockout, to roller blinds. Our fully automated blinds, can operate from day & night sensors and or  can be operated from any online device. Our automation systems also allows the user to set customized scenes and voice commands which will automatically adjusts the blind & curtain settings. 


Smart Lighting

Now you can set the mood and atmosphere in every room of your house. By a simple click of a button you can change the colour of your bulbs, dim the lights and or set a schedule for each room, office or garden light. 


Fireplace automation

We offer our clients fully automated gas and pellet fireplaces. This enables the user to set scenes and regulate the room temperature. the user can also schedule burning times and operate the fireplace with voice commands. 


Smart Irrigation Solutions

We offer our clients fully automated irrigation systems that can be operated from any mobile application, voice command and or touch pad. Now you can schedule irrigation times, put water level sensors in the ground, measure & minimize water consumption and enjoy a green garden throughout the year. 


Climate Control

Managing the climate in a building has never been easier.Our climate control systems allow the user to manage temperature throughout their homes and offices. The automation controller automatically turns off fireplaces and turns on  air condition as required. 


Intrusion detection Systems

Our cutting edge intrusion detection systems puts back the the power back into our clients hands.Our intrusion detection systems are completely wireless, easy to install, easy maintainable and has a very user friendly interface. Now you can arm your, view intrusion events and or press a panic button that sends off your panic location from any mobile telephone. 


Smart Locks & Intercoms

Our smart access control systems makes office and homes completely keyless. This increases security and minimizes the risk of unauthorized entry. The user can also open and close doors remotely, view entry and exit logs & snapshots, and also allows the user to answer the intercom from any mobile telephone.  


Consumption  Monitoring

Our consumption monitoring systems allow the user to pull reports and measure consumption on things like water, electricity and lighting conditions within any building and or garden.